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We are starting a common work group, work space and work shop for a multi-disciplinary software/socioware team. For Project Ouroboros, we will be mostly focused on contrasting and comparing the simple and dependent type theories.


With the current generation of modern programming languages like Rust and Idris 2+, we will be able to explore quantitative types and dependent types very intimately. We might use a bit of Typescript and/or Rescript to adorn the Rust-Actix or Graal-Spring-Vertx or Node-JS and/or Haskell-Postgres or Erlang-Couch backend systems with some simple reactive frontends.


Speaking of reactive frontends, we will be speaking mainly of Svelte and Angular 11+ with Typescript, and/or Rescript where applicable. We will just assume that a hyper-fast and hyper-available backend is just always going to stream all the data needed for one page-view at once, where a page-view may be composed of multiple page-facades and page-interactors.


On the data side of things, we will be relying heavily on immutable blob stores based on blob stores and their mirror networks. The routes will mostly reside in matrix and relational data stores derived out of document-based and unstructured data stores. The Kafkaesque nightmares of data and document workflows is handled by our BOSS orchestrator and Apache Kafka.


As for the networking, we will be relying heavily on unified access architecture and multiplexors for every connection type be it more of peer to peer or a rooted tree or an unknown topology. There are no central servers even in network topologies based on rooted tree or so-called 'client-server' style classical servers, as our legacy software wrappers will still treat them as a special case in the message ordering servers and messaging queues.