WW II and WW Covid: Diffs and Parallels

WW II and WW Covid: Diffs and Parallels

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We have a global war against the allied forces of COVID-19, Climate Change, and Jingoistic Conflicts. However, this is not the first time we have found ourselves in a global war and - if we survive this one - it is not going to be our last.

Here's an account of what some of the greatest scientists agreed to do in the name of finishing a war the last time we had to face a large scale existential threat:

Our hope is that this time around, there is a better solution than sacrificing numerous human lives to make a phallic symbol of death-threat. This was in-fact less civilized than a dog marking its territory with urination as that does not kill entire cities of innocents just to stop a fight that would kill even more.

Yet we like to talk of every large scale project solving a problem X and requiring our top intellectual minds as a 'Manhattan project for X'. It would be our collective failure as a civilization if the top minds we have even after more than half a century still are not any wiser than those in that original Manhattan project.